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Many people face a dilemma when embarking on a decking project: will they use composite or timber decking? Nurajack does not supply timber or composite decking products, so we maintain an objective approach. We have done a deep dive into the pros and cons of each to help you out – and here are our key findings: 

Cost: It’s widely known that composite decking is pricey, typically made from a combination of different synthetic and wood fibres. However, many people are pleasantly surprised by the lack of maintenance costs once installed. On the other hand, timber is cheaper to purchase initially but may require ongoing maintenance such as staining or oiling.  

Performance: Composite decking has an edge on timber in a number of ways. It has a long lifespan, requires low maintenance and is available in a variety of colours. Additionally, newer composites are highly durable and resist staining, scratching and fading. However, it can get extremely hot, is prone to sagging and bending and can be slippery when wet. On the other hand, timber is much loved for its timeless natural beauty. Its versatility allows you to keep your deck from looking outdated while offering durability, strength and safety. 

Maintenance: Composite decking wins here. Timber decks need more looking after with regular staining and oiling. 

Environmental Impact: This is a tricky one... Composite decking, widely regarded as an eco-friendly alternative to cutting down trees, is typically made from a combination of different natural and synthetic materials that are processed to give the appearance of wood – and may ultimately end up in landfills. Be sure to carefully check out the recyclable properties of each composite product. Alternatively, timber is a natural, renewable resource and therefore biodegradable. Wood decks store carbon throughout their lives, making for a much lower carbon footprint.  

Our Takeaway: it comes down to personal preference. Whether you opt for timber or composite decking, we know Nurajacks will help you transform your outdoor space into a modern oasis. Be sure to visit our social media to see how our customers have done just that.   

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