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Nurajack Windproof Tile Pedestal

SE Windproof.jpg

The Windproof Nurajack is a completely hidden clip system which still enables the individual tiles to be removed for maintenance of the membrane, substrate or drainage outlets.

The system consists of a metal clip that is attached to the head of the Nurajack and has the function of anchoring the tile to the head, without using glues or screws.  The tiles/pavers used for this type of system must be milled in the 4 corners to accommodate the clips.  This can be done offsite or onsite utilising a grinder and a table.  Thhe clips hold each paver to the Nurajack and distributes the weight of the entire deck across all the tiles – prohibiting uplift of the individual pavers.  The system can withstand windspeeds up to 212km/h (59m/s) or 2166N of upward pressure.  An engineer should be engaged to establish if the windproof system is required for your project.

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