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Decking pedestals are an innovative and easy solution for creating level entry decks. Over the 15 years that Nurajacks has been helping customers achieve their decking dreams, we have found that some questions often pop up.

Here are 3 commonly asked questions about decking pedestals: 

  1. ‘Plastic, huh? Will Nurajacks be strong enough?’

    That’s an easy one – Yes! Nurajacks have been load-tested up to 1,000 kg. So while they are made from post-consumer recycled plastic, they are incredibly strong. Also, the unique design of the Nurajack allows them to spread the load of the deck evenly across the area. Spa pool, pizza oven or concrete patio furniture? No problem, Nurajacks have got you covered.  

  2. ‘Do I need to fix Nurajacks down?’

    Many people wonder if their low-profile deck will go wandering over time if it’s not fixed to the ground. The great thing about a floating deck is that you don’t need to fix it down- the weight of the deck will hold it in place and any expansion and contraction is contained within the deck.  If you did want to secure the deck from lateral movement consider affixing the deck back to the building or use traditional piles in one or more of the corners. 

  3. ‘Will using Nurajacks really save me money?’

    Yes- Nurajacks save time. There is no need to remove existing concrete or cobbles as they can be installed over any stable, non-eroding surface. If installing over grass or dirt, use Nuraspikes as the footing.  No need to dig holes and set piles, pour concrete or clear away dirt. Time saved is money saved, it’s as simple as that! 

Got a question that wasn’t covered here?

Check out the FAQs page on our website, or contact us.

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