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Nurajacks offer a revolutionary way to create stunning and functional outdoor spaces. But to unlock their full potential, you need the right tiles for the project.


This guide explores compatible tile options, helping you choose the perfect match for your Nurajack deck, balcony or rooftop retreat. 

Material Marvels: Compatible Tile Options 

Stone Elegance: Widely admired for their rustic beauty, stone tiles retain natural grain patterns that add character to a patio area. They bring instant colour and warmth and have enough texture to be slip-resistant.

There are a variety of stone tiles available including Bluestone, Granite, Sandstone and even New Zealand quarried stones. Stone pavers typically need to be "homogeneous" (consistent throughout), without fissures and at least 35-40mm thick. 

To maintain their look and avoid staining, most stone pavers should be sealed every few years. 

Concrete Champions: Concrete tiles offer a modern aesthetic with excellent strength and can handle freezing temperatures without cracking. Concrete tiles are a low-maintenance alternative to stone tiles while offering a similar look.

Concrete typically needs to be 50 mm thick (often requiring a reinforcing layer and rectifying so is square) and like stone will need to be sealed to protect against staining. 

Porcelain appeal: These have been growing in popularity in recent times and it’s easy to see why. 20mm thick structural porcelain tiles are vitrified (denser than ceramic tiles) making them strong and durable.

They boast low water absorption making them close to waterproof and frost resistant, making them ideal for many climates. Porcelain tiles offer versatility, coming in a variety of colours- they can even be made to look like natural stone without the cost.

Being non-porous they do not need any sealing or ongoing maintenance, however can sometimes hold water when installed level.  They also need to have a suitable anti-slip rating for the application, so choose wisely.

The Future: Floated tiles and pavers that are installed level can sometimes remain wet due to their non-porous nature.  Recent developments have seen recycled porcelain products creating permeable structural tiles. These pavers are often 40mm thick, do not stain so do not need sealing, are frost resistant and will remain dry after rain. 

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Expert Guidance: Finding Your Perfect Fit 

Choosing tiles goes beyond aesthetics. Consulting your local tile supplier is crucial. They can recommend the perfect fit for your Nurajack project and specific needs, considering factors like: 

  • Material suitability is based on your desired look and functionality. 

  • Specific thickness recommendations for your chosen material. 

  • Compatibility with your local climate and intended use. 

The Takeaway: A Deck Built for Style and Durability 

Teaming Nurajacks with compatible tiles and pavers, the possibilities for your outdoor space are endless. By understanding Nurajack compatibility and consulting your tile supplier, you can confidently choose the perfect tiles for a beautiful and functional outdoor haven. 

For design inspiration, check out our Facebook and Instagram to see how our customers have used tiles on Nurajacks. 

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