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Architects seeking a versatile and dependable solution for low-profile floating decks will find Nurajacks to be a valuable addition to their design toolbox.


This innovative system of adjustable pedestals offers a robust and code-compliant approach to supporting various decking materials like tiles, pavers or timber over exterior waterproof membranes and other stable, non-eroding surfaces. 

Key features for Architects:

  • Adjustable Height: Nurajacks boast a broad height adjustment range, from 8mm to 550mm. Along with its unique self-levelling head, this allows for precise levelling on uneven substrates, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall design plan. 

  • Diverse Compatibility: The system works effectively with various sheet membranes (butyl, TPO, bitumen etc.) without membrane penetration. This eliminates potential waterproofing concerns and simplifies the installation process. In fact, thanks to the self-levelling head and large base, Nurajacks are guaranteed not to damage sheet-based membranes. 

  • Additional Applications: Nurajacks extend their utility beyond typical decks. They can be effectively incorporated to create level entry thresholds in both new and existing commercial and residential buildings. This caters to accessibility needs while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Due to their high load capacity, Nurajacks can even support other structures such as spa pools. 

  • Code Compliance: Nurajacks comply to the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) clause E2/AS1. They function as a ‘proprietary chair support’ system for tile or timber decks installed over membranes, creating raised and removeable surfaces to support cleaning and maintenance of membranes. This ensures the longevity of the structure and aligns with regulatory requirements. 

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Simplified Design and Installation: 

Nurajacks are designed for ease of use, allowing architects to confidently specify them in their projects.


Comprehensive downloadable resources are available on the Nurajack website, including detailed drawings and specifications. These resources provide architects with all the necessary technical information to effectively integrate Nurajacks into their designs. 

The installation process is straightforward and requires minimal disruption to the surrounding area. The website also offers an intuitive Quantity Calculator for estimation purposes and in-depth installation instructions and video tutorials. This further streamlines the implementation process for contractors and ensures that the system's performance meets expectations. 

Aesthetics and Design Freedom: 

Nurajacks offer architects design flexibility. The adjustable pedestals allow for the creation of level-entry floating decks without the need for strip drains. This caters to various design aesthetics, whether a contemporary rooftop terrace or a traditional wooden deck. Additionally, a range of compatible accessories, including tile cladding spacers and shims, enables architects to achieve a polished and customised outcome. 


Incorporating Nurajacks into your Projects: 

Nurajacks provide architects with a versatile and code-compliant solution for creating low-profile floated decks over various surfaces. Their adjustable nature, diverse applications and straightforward installation process make them a valuable addition to any architect's toolbox and a compelling choice for your next project. 

For further support on specifying Nurajacks, feel free to contact our team using the Live Chat feature on our website. 

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