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Imagine expanding your living space outdoors with a beautiful deck, but without the hassle of excavation or concrete footings.


The Nuraspike system makes this a reality. Here's how you can build a stable and attractive deck directly on your grass or dirt using Nuraspikes. 

What are Nuraspikes? 

Nuraspikes are innovative deck footings. New Zealand developed and designed, they are made from powder-coated galvanised steel. These 500mm long spikes are driven into the ground with a sledgehammer, eliminating the need for digging or pouring concrete. Nuraspikes are suitable for most soil types, making our customers' deck dreams come true all over the country.* 

Building with Nuraspikes and Nurajacks 

The magic of the Nuraspike system lies in its two components: 

  • Nuraspike: The footing that provides a solid foundation for your deck. 

  • Nurajack: A height-adjustable pedestal that sits on top of the Nuraspike. 

Here's how the system works: 

  1. Drive the Nuraspikes: Mark the layout of your deck and drive the Nuraspikes into the ground using a sledgehammer. The Nuraspikes are designed to be driven flush with the ground surface. 

  2. Install the Nurajacks: Place the Nurajacks directly on top of the Nuraspikes. The beauty of the Nurajack is its self-levelling head. This means you don't need to worry about perfectly aligning or levelling the Nuraspikes themselves. The Nurajack will automatically adjust to minor variations in the ground level. 

  3. Build your deck structure: With the Nurajacks in place, you can now build the frame of your deck using joists and bearers, which are secured to the top of the Nurajacks. 

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Benefits of Using Nuraspikes 

  • Fast and Easy Installation: No digging or concrete means a quicker and less labour-intensive deck-building process. 

  • Cost-Effective: Eliminates the need for expensive excavation and concrete work. 

  • Adaptable: Nurajacks are adjustable, allowing you to create a level deck surface even on uneven ground. 

  • Protects Your Grass: Unlike traditional concrete footings, Nuraspikes minimise disruption to your existing lawn. 

Building a deck over grass or dirt has never been easier. With the Nuraspike system, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor extension to your home without the added hassle of traditional foundation methods. 

Explore our website for more information and installation videos.  

*Note: It is important to check your local Building Code regulations before starting any deck construction project. 

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