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Ever wondered what goes into the development of a seemingly simple product like a decking pedestal?


In this insightful Q&A, we chat with Lewis Olding, a product manager with over 18 years of experience in the industry.


Lewis sheds light on the thought process behind designing the innovative Nurajack and Nuraspike system, discussing the challenges encountered, the unique features incorporated and the overall product development journey. 

Q1. What was the initial inspiration or need that led to the development of Nurajacks? Were there any specific challenges or market gaps they aimed to address? 

Nurajack is a division of Nuralite Waterproofing Ltd. Nuralite has been in business in NZ since 1966 and is the largest waterproofing supplier in NZ. As part of quality waterproofing technology, Nurajack pedestals were introduced into the range to assist with covering membrane decks with tiles and pavers. In 2006, the Building Code compliance document E2/AS1 changed to require a raised and removeable surface on pedestals over exterior waterproof membranes. Due to the innovative design of the self-levelling head and the large quantity of accessories, Nurajacks quickly became the pedestal of choice for both residential and commercial projects around NZ.   

Q2. Can you describe the key milestones or turning points in the development process? 

A key development occurred around 2015 when we released the joist head version of the Nurajack. This simplified building timber and composite decks over membranes. Builders familiar with the system started to see the benefit of using Nurajacks over concrete and stable surfaces to create level entries into homes – including ramps for wheelchair access. We were regularly asked if Nurajacks could be installed over grass or dirt, which led to our team designing and developing the Nuraspike. The Nurajack and Nuraspike system is now distributed nationwide through all the major timber merchants and has become the go-to product for low-profile decks for builders and DIYs. 

Q3. What were some of the major obstacles or hurdles faced during development, and how were they overcome? 

When we first started promoting and distributing the Nurajack, we knew we had a good product – but we could never foresee how the industry would accept this innovative way to build tile and timber decks. A major hurdle was to have the products specified by architects; however, this was overcome by the Nuralite Waterproofing team’s focus on providing quality information to architects and simplifying the design and build process. Secondly, with the development of both the Nurajack and Nuraspike, thorough testing and then re-testing of the system was needed before we could take it to market. We needed to have an answer to every question and have total confidence that the Nurajack and Nuraspike system will stand the test of time. 

Q4. Looking back over the last 14 years, what has given you the greatest satisfaction managing the Nurajack brand? 

When we first launched the joist head Nurajack, we were approached by a friend of one of the Nuralite employees. Their daughter had just received the devastating news that she would be in a wheelchair for some time. Their house did not have wheelchair access and needed a ramp. We thought that this would be a good team building exercise and an opportunity to get some hands-on experience with the joist head Nurajack. Within a day the ramp was built and for the first time the young girl was able to wheel herself into and out of the house. She was so excited that she wheelied down the ramp! This brought the entire Nuralite team much joy and satisfaction to make such a difference in someone’s life. It also helped us all to see how good and easy Nurajacks can make level-entry decks and ramps! 

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We would like to thank Lewis for sharing his experience on the Nurajack product development process and its success.

We hope this Q&A has provided some valuable insights into the positive impact it has had on our customers, exemplifying the product's ability to not only address technical needs but also improve lives.  

Browse through our website to learn more about our Nurajack and Nuraspike system.

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